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The Soča offers excellent conditions to test yourself with the invigorating experience of hydrospeeding. Although the Soča is open to tourists for paddle sports beginning in March each year, we wait until May to begin hydrospeeding to allow the water to warm up a bit. During the spring, ample rain coupled with alpine snow melt guarantees high water levels with strong currents and big waves which make hydrospeeding at this time very exciting. For your safety, our experienced and certified guides always accompany you in a kayak or canoe. They will instruct you in the proper technique of riding the hydrospeed and propelling yourself by kicking with your flippers. They will guide you down the river in a slalom course of maneuvering between the rocks. We provide one guide for every four hydrospeeders.

The tour begins in the Adventure Center Bovec office located in the village center.  Here we will complete your registration for the trip. Next we will issue you all the necessary personal equipment (personal flotation device, helmet, neoprene clothing, shoes and flippers). Then we will travel about ten minutes by bus to the river. Here you will change into your personal equipment issued earlier. Your experienced and certified guide will then give you a complete introduction including safety instructions and propulsion techniques. Then off you’ll go for an hour and half to two hours of unforgettable hydrospeeding! At the end of your trip, you will change back into your dry clothes and return the earlier issued equipment. Finally, we will transport you by bus back to our office in the center of Bovec. This takes about twenty minutes.

Daily Schedule:

Adventure Center Bovec hydrospeeding trips begin twice daily, at 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. 

Hydrospeeding is mentally and physically demanding. All hydrospeeders must be physically and mentally tough to enjoy themselves in the cold and powerful water of this extreme experience.

All hydrospeeders must be able to swim well, be psychologically and physically healthy and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Participants under 18 years of age must provide parental or a legal guardian’s consent.

Each participant should bring his/her own personal swim wear, towel and extra socks.

  • Adrenalin rush
  • Photo DVD available
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Good swimming ability is required


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